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Experience Celtic music at it's BEST
"Powerful and passionate vocals , delivered in a celtic folk contemporary style.
Whether singing a heartfelt Dougie Maclean ballad or a rousing Scottish battle song,
Peter Daldry's vocals draw the listeners in with a conviction rarely heard these days."

"Peter Daldry is a corker with a strong stage presence and a grand way of singing and presenting a song." Ink Notes April 18, 2009 --- By Jean Bartlett, Managing Editor of Jean’s Magazines
— By Jean Bartlett, Managing Editor of Jean’s Magazines, Jean’s Magazines

" I have to say this: Peter Daldry has the voice of a true balladeer. He has the type of singing that can tell you a thousand stories with just a phrase. A truly remarkable instrument-his voice." --- Celtic Music Fan - Baxter Labatos
— Baxter Labatos , Sounds New! 2

Acoustic music at the Art Boutiki

SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery, 44 Race St, San Jose, California 95126

Acoustic music is happening at the Art Boutiki! Come hear four outstanding acoustic acts in one amazing evening. Confirmed acts so far are: the Peter Daldry Band, folk/Americana duet Cap and Iain, singer-songwriter Glenn Schoonmaker, and the remarkable gifted, Sofie Todd. Comfy seating, food, and libations a plenty. All ages. $10 at the door.


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